Trans-Mongolian Railroad - Groups

Vodkatrain - Trans Mongolian Railroad
From EUR 1250


  • Overland journeys for young travellers
  • Like-minded travellers from across the globe in small groups
  • Honchos - a friendly face in each city
  • Accommodation
  • Comfortable 4-berth rail compartments
Experience the Trans Mongolian Railway and the Silk Road through Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and India. You travel along with the locals, experiencing the cities with a local "Honcho" and eating out and getting around at local prices.

Don't worry - it's not a cargo train loaded with vodka, although vodka may be on board. "Vodkatrain" is the name by our partner organising your train travel through central Asia in small groups of international travelers between 18 and 35 years of age.

Train travel backpacker style

Vodkatrain takes the traditional ideas of group travel (regimented meal times, enforced sightseeing and following strange people holding umbrellas aloft) and gives them a hearty kick up the backside. It's a collection of young, like-minded backpackers who happen to be following the same itinerary.

Popular Vodkatrain routes

There are many types of Vodkatrain tours and itineraries across Asia and you can book them all with KILROY. 

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From EUR 1250
All train passes departing from Europe
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No restrictions

En-route you simply travel on trains between cities as any local or foreign traveller would, and meet a new Honcho at each city stop. You have the benefit of being with a small group (max. 15) but none of the restrictions that a tour, with its fixed daytime schedule, might bring, and none of the hassles of making hotel and sightseeing/activity arrangements. It's a nifty combination of backpacking and small group travel at budget do-it-yourself prices, with some priceless info from our local legends thrown in!

Vodkatrain is your support network - providing accommodation, transport, transfers en-route and local Honchos to help you get the most out of your trip. You decide what you want to see, you decide what you want to eat, you decide what you want to experience and you pay the much cheaper local price for everything you do. Whatever your destination, it's an unforgettable hassle free journey, with company you can have fun with.

Trains... Not the Orient Express!

Trains along the Trans Siberian, Trans Mongolian, Silk Road and within India are a destination and experience in themselves! Along with ideas, religions and an enormous variety of goods, these trains ferry families, traders, students, soldiers, business people, travellers, monks & acrobats and backpackers... You name it, they're on it and there is a good chance you'll be sharing with them on some stage of the journey!

Let's get something straight from the start: These are not chartered trains but scheduled services. Overnight accommodation is in four-share sleeping compartments - two upper and two lower bunks. Depending on group size, you may be sharing with other group members, or with local travellers. Don't be afraid to say hello!

Compartments have bedding, reading lights, a big window, a small table, room for a backback or two and if you're REALLY lucky - a vase with a plastic flower. Carriages have two washrooms (no showers), boiling water and a couple of attendants... each train has it's own personality, and regulars, so check out the dossier for specifics.