Travel guide to the journey of your life

Backpacker trips and round the world travel is the ultimate way to discover and experience the world. Our travel guide will help you to be as prepared as possible. We have collected the best advice from our travel experts - they are all experienced travellers with extensive knowledge about hidden destinations and all the practical stuff.

Anyone can jump on a plane and fly to an exotic destination and just lay back and relax under the palm trees for two weeks. With all the many travel opportunities offered online, we've reached a point where most people can figure out how to order and buy tickets online. But it requires a little bit more consideration, experience and knowledge to plan a backpacker trip with multiple stopovers or a trip round the world as part of a gap year.

We have devided out travel guide into these sections that will help you with tips and tricks for the big trip.

Bon voyage - and be explordinary!