Travel documents

Flight tickets and vochers for car rental and adventure tours
You need to get a handle on all relevant travel documents well in advance of your departure date. When you receive your flight tickets (electronically) from KILROY, please check them thoroughly and make sure that all dates and destinations are according to your expectations.

Even though flight tickets are electronically stored with the airlines, you should print and bring along you e-ticket numbers and reference codes/numbers. In most cases you will also need them for check-in. The same goes for any kind of travel product which you have booked from home; hotel vouchers, hostel vouchers, car rental/motorhome vouchers and adventure tour vouchers etc.

Store your documents electronically

Make sure to leave copies of all your important travel documents in your e-mail inbox or a portable device such as your mobile phone or a USB memory stick etc. By doing so, you have easy access to re-printing the documents if you should lose them on your way.