Flight tickets

Flights tickets are essential if you want to travel round the world
You have various options when considering the type of flight ticket for your big trip.

Standard tickets

Standard tickets are basic flight tickets intended for all travelers who need a simple return airfare, e.g. from your home destination to New York and back, nothing fancy! There is no age limit, nor requirement for an IYTC Youth Card or International Student Identity Card (ISIC). A standard ticket is non-refundable and cannot be changed after purchase.

KILROY tickets

KILROY tickets are for young people up to 26 years and full time students up to 33 years of age. You must hold a valid IYTC Youth Card or ISIC International Student Identity Card to purchase this type of ticket. KILROY tickets are flexible and suitable for those who want the freedom and flexibility to change their tickets, usually a date change while travelling. On some KILROY tickets it is also possible to change the route - both before and during the trip. KILROY tickets often include free stopovers and are suitable for backpacker trips, round the world flights, study abroad periods and working holiday adventures etc. Please note that all date and route changes are subject to availability. KILROY tickets are often priced on about the same level as standard tickets and may sometimes be a little cheaper.

You should always choose a KILROY ticket if you plan on travelling for a longer period of time and/or to several destinations. Typically, it means you can  change the ticket along the way without having to buy new and expensive airfares. A flexible KILROY ticket is relevant for backpackers because you often bump into other people, cultures or places that are so beautiful or interesting that you just have to change plans to get more time on the destination. On the other hand, it is also nice to be able to fly on (or home) a few weeks before the originally planned travel date.

Other tickets

If you plan to visit several destinations in a specific area, region or continent, you may want to consider a flight pass. Quite a few airlines and alliances offer this kind of multiple flight ticket. It's convenient for you as a traveler to obtain a flight pass since you only have to purchase the product once. Please ask your KILROY travels consultant if an air pass is suitable for you.

Cancellation protection

Remember to purchase cancellation insurance when you buy your flight ticket (must be purchased at the same time). Cancellation insurance conditions vary from country to country, so please remember to check your policy. Cancellation insurance typically costs 5-6% of the flight ticket's price.

In general, KILROY always tries to find the cheapest alternative for our customers, but if you prefer to fly with a specific airline or you have special needs, please talk to your KILROY travels consultant.