Initial planning

The initial planning is also a great part of travelling.
Anyone can jump on a plane and fly to an exotic destination and just lay back and relax under the palm trees for two weeks. With all the many travel opportunities offered online, we’ve reached a point where most people can figure out how to order and buy tickets online. But it requires a little bit more consideration, experience and knowledge to plan a backpacker trip with multiple stopovers or a trip round the world as part of a gap year.

Where to, when, with whom, for how long and how much does it cost to travel as a backpacker? These are the basic questions that you have to ask yourself before booking a ticket. And then comes all the practical stuff, such as getting a visa, booking hotels, travel insurance, local currencies etc. All this planning may seem rather overwhelming in the beginning - especially if this is the first time you have to be away from home for a longer period of time.

We are here to help

But fortunately help is near - you see, at KILROY we specialize in backpacker trips and round the world travel. Here on this site you can learn more about the considerations and preparations you have to make before taking the first step on your backpacker journey. When you've made up your mind, and/or decided that you want to go all the way, our experienced travel consultants will be at your service assisting you with the planning of your route, booking of flights, and offering you a wide selection of adventures and good travel advice.

Check out these sections with more tips and tricks on initial planning.