What to do on your trip

Bungy jumping. Why not try somehing out of the ordinary when traveling!
As a first-time traveler/backpacker you may feel a little uneasy at the beginning of your big trip. To avoid this and ensure a good start we recommend all our first-time travelers to kick off their journey with a small group adventure.

Adventure tours in small groups are pre-ordered trips with English speaking guides where all practical things are taken care of (activities, local means of transportation, accommodation and some meals). On these trips you travel with other young backpackers, typically in groups of 10-15 people. An adventure trip could, for example, be a 14 day trip around Vietnam, a week on a diving school in Thailand, 3-4 weeks crossing the United States in a minivan, a 2 week safari trip in Tanzania or 4 days trekking along the Inca trail in Peru. The possibilities are endless.

Best introduction to a country or region

Adventure tours as part of your backpacker trip ensure a good experience and form a nice introduction to the country you're travelling through, while at the same time preparing you to travel on your own. Many travelers are so happy with this concept that they order more adventure trips later on during their journey, simply because the experiences you get are unique, the mood and atmosphere is always wonderful, and you get a whole bunch of new friends.

More than 1000 trips

KILROY travels cooperates with the leading tour guides on each continent and offer more than a 1000 different adventure trips all over the world. Your travel consultant at KILROY can tell you more about each trip and which ones will suit your journey. And remember, it's always cheaper to order in advance from home.

Live out the dream

If you would like to explore the world on your own, you need to plan ahead and decide which sights and activities are relevant to you. Most backpackers take the opportunity to do explordinary things en route, as this trip may be their first and last real adventure before getting tied to obligations, mortgages and family life at home. In other words, time to let out the bungy jumping dreams and actually doing it.