Expenses before departure

It takes a little dough to get started
Expenses before you go consist of vaccinations, travel gear, visa, flight tickets, travel insurance and, perhaps, expenses in relation to adventure trips, language school and/or various types of courses and activities which must be booked and purchased in advance.

These expenses are quite easy to predict. With a vaccination budget of about 275 EURO you will receive the most necessary vaccines required to travel in developing and third world countries. Malaria prophylaxis, which you must remember to take when travelling to areas plagued by malaria-carrying mosquitoes, costs about 3-4 EURO a day depending on which medicament you're using. Good hiking shoes/boots, a comfortable, good quality backpack, a sleeping bag and rain gear cost about 650 EURO. So, for about 900 EURO you're well on your way.

Cost of flexible tickets and round the world tickets

The cost of flight tickets naturally depends on where you want to go. If you only want to visit a single continent outside Europe, then estimate 500-1200 EURO for the plane ticket alone. The cheapest round the world tickets can be purchased for 1300-1600 EURO. Of course, the sky is the limit for the most expensive packages since you can always keep on flying, but for 2000-2800 EURO you'll get a royal round the world ticket with 5-8 individual stops. For alternative price options on backpacker routes and round the world itineraries, check out these examples