Expenses on your trip

Rule of thumb: a day spent traveling from one place to another costs twice as much as a day spent in the same place!
Living expenses during your trip consist of food, accommodation, local transport and various other expenses on the way.

It is much more difficult to predict how much you will spend during the actual trip. It depends on the destination, the number of travelers in your party, personal requirements etc. But there are, however, a couple of rules-of-thumb that may help you find a level that suits your needs.

  • It's always less expensive to travel with others than it is to travel on your own. A couple's expenses are only 50% percent higher than the expenses of someone travelling on his/her own.
  • Living expenses differ hugely around the world. In Japan an orange costs about the same as a cheap hotel room with breakfast in India. Make sure to alternate expensive destinations (North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and great parts of the Caribbean Islands) with cheap destinations (South East Asia, India, China, South America and Mexico). Africa can be both extremely inexpensive and ridiculously expensive - depending on which country and region you're in.
  • In the cheapest countries you can get by for only about 15-20 Euros a day including transportation, while in the most expensive countries, and especially in the major cities, minimum expenses go up to around 70-100 Euros a day.
  • It costs money to travel from place to place - a good old KILROY rule-of-thumb is that a day spent travelling from one place to another costs twice as much as a day spent in the same place.
  • You can also choose to work during your trip, and thus contribute to your budget. Generally speaking, though, it makes more sense for us Northern Europeans to work and save up money from home than to work during our trip because the wages are lower in many countries abroad. On the other hand, it goes without saying that the experience of working abroad is so much greater than saving up money at home. Remember, it's about being explordinary!

Minimum 1100 Euros per month

Overall, our travel experiences tell us that a backpacker trip costs around 1100-1600 Euros per month. These prices include everything - that is, your expenses before the trip, as well as living expenses and activities during your trip. This is, of course, a general estimate since the selection of countries and personal habits vary a great deal from person to person and have a tremendous effect on the overall budget. But for these sums you should be able to backpack your way comfortably around the world and have a trip filled with good and adventurous experiences.