Changing plans

You fly on flexible KILROY tickets, right?
You may fall in love, get bored with a destination or a travel companion or need some extra relaxation for some reason or the other. Traveling on a budget with a backpack is probably the most unrestricted way of traveling and changing plans while on the road is quite natural when you have so much time available.

Generally speaking it's easier to change travel plans when you haven't planned a lot of activities and pre-booked tours and tickets etc. It's also easier to change plans when traveling alone.

Changing flight tickets

If you want to change your travel itinerary, always start with the most important/expensive matters, such as your flight ticket. You can change the travel date on most flight tickets, and route changes are also often possible. Change of travel date or route is always dependent on availability. The closer to the actual travel date, the less chance of available seats! KILROY travels normally needs your change request minimum 72 hours before your original departure date. If you send your request to KILROY during weekends the deadline is 96 hours prior to departure.

For the ticket change service KILROY will charge a fee. If we are not able to change your ticket, the money will be transferred back to your account. Depending on the airline and conditions of the flight ticket you are holding, KILROY may have to collect an extra airline fee after receiving your request. We will of course inform you by email if this is the case. If seats are available within the requested time frame, your flight ticket will be changed and your original KILROY reservation will be cancelled automatically. You will receive a confirmation by email, with your new booking. If seats are only available for an extra airline fee, we will ask for your acceptance and payment by email prior to making the change.

Changing other travel products

If you need to change other pre-booked (and pre-payed) products such as car rental, hotel/hostel or an adventure tour/activity, you will have to contact your travel agent where you booked the product (KILROY). If it's very urgent you may also want to contact the tour operator/hotel/car rental company directly, but in general you should contact your travel agent first.