Travel safe

Stay on the safe side of life
Money – where do you keep it? Don’t ever keep your credit cards, traveler’s cheques and cash in the same place. That way you will avoid everything getting lost or stolen at once.

Use a money belt. They come in all kinds of shapes and forms and are, in short, bloody brilliant. Keep it close to your body where strangers can't get hold of it. Keep your passport, plastic cards and most of your cash in your money belt when you're traveling.

Always keep a small amount of money in your pocket or in a light purse in your pocket - but never more than what you can afford to lose. It's like a decoy for thieves and as a bonus you can always pay for your minor purchases without having to flash your money belt.

Safest place to store money

The safest place for a traveler to keep his/her money is at the hotel. If the hotel doesn't have a safe, they may offer to keep your valuables safe in a sealed envelope at the reception. The second safest place is in your money belt. The third safest place is hidden in your luggage in your hotel room (but we strongly advise against that if you don't trust the staff). The fourth safest place is in an ordinary purse in your pocket, but please be aware that in this case you're treading dangerous waters. Our recommendation is not to bring valuables when traveling the world - and if you must bring those flashy diamonds for party and looking-good purposes, make sure they are fake and affordable to lose!

Play it safe

A lot of travelers experience theft and robbery during their traveling endeavors. But it only takes a little consideration to make a huge difference and play it safe.

  • Always keep a small amount of money in your pocket - never more than you can afford to lose. In this case the robber will be satisfied and you will survive the experience.
  • In case you're mugged, please surrender all belongings to the perpetrator and do not try to play hero. After all, money is just money and it's not worth risking life and limb for.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings and luggage during transportation by taxi, bus, train or boat. Keep valuables close to your body and larger items in a daypack. If necessary use your backpack as a pillow.
  • The locals are not the only ones who steal. Some travelers finance their traveling by stealing from other travelers, so don't trust anyone blindly just because they're also carrying a backpack.
  • Always be on guard if a crowd gathers around you - also if it's children. A well-known trick is to grab your belongings in the middle of the rough-and-tumble while you're being pushed around.
  • Don't walk down dark streets and alleys at night in neighborhoods you don't know (OK, you probably knew this one)
  • If you're mugged or have things stolen from you and you would like to have your losses covered by your travel insurance company, report the incident to the police or local authorities at once and get an official and written police report. Send the report to your insurance company as documentation.

But take it easy, there is no point in running around scared out of your wits during your entire trip. If you just use your head and don't do anything stupid, everything will be fine. Your travel insurance will eventually cover your loss.